Daniel Rozin’s “Wooden Mirror” (2014) goes to Tokyo!

Daniel Rozin
Wooden Mirror, 2014
wood, motors, video camera, custom software, microcontroller
6 x 6’ / 1.8 x 1.8 m

An interactive sculpture made up of non-reflective square wooden pixels. The piece reflects any object or person in front of it, moving fast enough to create live animation. Mechanical mirrors are a platform in which Rozin investigates the borderline and contrasts between digital and analog worlds, virtual and physical experience, or order versus chaos. The first of this series, Rozin’s Wooden Mirror explores the inner workings of image creation and human visual perception. 

This special piece was commissioned for a touring exhibition in Japan and uses a framed rectangular format, whereas the original edition of Rozin’s Wooden Mirror used an octagonal format.

Video Documentation: http://vimeopro.com/bitforms/rozin/video/101408845

bitforms art daniel rozin wooden mirror japan bunkamura museum tokyo

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